Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop-over and Step-in

I have had some blogging setbacks lately, but here I am again - better late than never. 

My relocation is "complete." Not that I am EVER done moving, but rather, the current step is finished. It entailed somewhat of a nightmarish process. Long story short, I got shorted my hours prior to my final week of resignation with my job. Never have I experienced such unjustified rage directed at me, especially from an employer, but for what it's worth I got out of there that much sooner. Which was a blessing of it's own! It was ironic that as soon as I announced that I was leaving Montana, all my friends and family kept commenting that it didn't seem like I was happy there anyways; in which the full reality of truth did not hit me until I was actually gone. As I stuffed, re-stuffed, and jammed my belongings into a 4x8 trailer by myself, I swore I was never moving again. It was basically awful. I definitely had battle scars for awhile, but now that they're gone, my memory is not serving me well to keep the true horror of the event as vibrant as it should remain. Unfortunately, I know that I will end up doing it again. Somehow the optimist in me tries to tell me that the next time will be better :-).  

Spring is here!!!! My outlook on life cheered 110% when I saw the sunshine and felt the warmth of 75 degrees last week. 

I love weddings. It was my joy and honor to stand up for my best friend Kayla this past week. We had a blast, and I wouldn't have traded anything to have been there! Seeing so many friends that years and time had put a barrier between, and re-captivating those relationships really refreshed my spirit. I'm so thankful for that time and  opportunity. I will now start counting down to the next wedding :-). 

In preparation for my job this summer, I have begun reading Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. I have been pleasantly surprised by the clear way that Piper relays absolute Truth and practical principle to live a Spirit-filled life of passionate purpose. Definitely a summer book list must-read! 

This is not the first time that I can be quoted to say, "I could never have planned this for my life if I had tried!" And I am ever so glad that God is the One writing my life story. There is a constant promise of hope and excitement on the horizon with that knowledge. 7 months ago if anyone had told me that the turn of events would bring me to the point in life I am at now I would have laughed. Well, perhaps, I am laughing. But it's a good laugh. 

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